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Here is what Some of the leading luminaries of the west say about Christianity....

John Locke: "Freedom for all, except for the bloodthirsty Catholic sect."
Voltaire: "Christianity is the most absurd and bloodthirsty religion."
George Bernard Shaw: " The bible is full of fairy tales and anyone who believes in the bible is unfit to be a parent or vote . ... (It) is a false book, that must be burned and buried... Jehovah is no God, but a barbarous tribal idol. "
Nietzsche: "I call Christianity the one Great Curse."
Mark Twain: " I believe that the Old and New Testaments were imagined and written by man, and that no line in them was authorized by God, much less inspired by Him."
Colin Maine: "If we examine the Bible – both Old and New Testaments – we find that the Bible God is more a sadistic monster than a god of love.  If he were to appear on earth as a human being, he would most likely be incarcerated in a mental hospital as a dangerous psychopath."

Count Tolstoy: "Really no religion has preached things so evidently incompatible with contemporary knowledge or so immoral as the doctrines preached by Church Christianity".
Thomas Jefferson: "There is one notable thing about our Christianity: bad, bloody, merciless, money-grabbing and predatory as it is - in our country particularly, and in all other Christian countries in a somewhat modified degree... Ours is a terrible religion. The fleets of the world could swim in spacious comfort in the innocent blood it has spilt...The gospel history of Jesus consists of fabrications, superstitions and fanaticism... I consider the book of Revelation, the ravings of a maniac.... Due to Christianity, millions of innocent men, women and children have been burnt alive as witches... The day will come when the mystical
 generation of Jesus, by the Supreme Being as his father, in the womb of a Virgin, will be classified with the fable of the generation of Minerva in the brain of Jupiter".
James Madison: "Christianity causes superstition, bigotry and persecution."
H.G. Wells: "You can trust a devout catholic, less than a Nazi spy... The most evil thing in the world today is the Roman Catholic Church."
Matilda Joslyn Gage: "The sale of daughters was practiced in England for seven hundred years after the introduction of Christianity.... In 1854, an objector to women's rights cried out, First prove women have a soul, both Church and State deny it."
Robert Ingersoll: " The real oppressor of the people is the Bible."
Bertrand Russell: "The clergy objected to giving pain killers to women during child birth, lest she escape pain ordered on Eve... The church opposed the abolition of slavery."
Charles Smith: "The doctrine of the Virgin Birth brands every natural mother as impure."
J.C.Baretto Miranda: "Every word of theirs was a sentence of death, and at their slightest nod, were moved to terror, the vast populations spread over the Asiatic regions whose lives fluctuated in their hands, and who, on the
 most frivolous pretext, could be clapped  for all time in the deepest dungeon, or strangled or offered as food to the pyre."
Charles Dickens: "Missionaries are perfect nuisances and leave every place worse than they found it."
Diderot: "The God of Christians is a father who cares much about his apples and very little about his children."
Freud (when in 1933 he was told that in Germany his books had been burned): "How can people say there is no advancement of progress? In the middle ages, they would have burned me,
Gibbon: "(About the persecutions against Christians) we need to separate the few genuine facts from an indigestible mass of fables and mistakes... The complete disregard for truth and credibility in the presentation of these early martyrs was due to a very natural mistake. The Church writers in the 4th and 5th centuries gratified to the Roman magistrates the same dose of inflexible and unquenchable zeal that filled their bosoms against the heretics and idolaters of their times."
Claude Fauchet: "(The popes) have consecrated despotism and made God
an accomplice of tyrants."
Fredrich Wilhelm, emperor of Prussia (from his last will to his heirs): "Regarding the Catholic religion, you must tolerate it in conformance to the Westfalia treatise. But do not allow any Jesuit in your states. They are diabolical beings, malefic and obnoxious creatures. Do not tolerate them for any reason if they try to sneak into your states."
Fredrich II of Prussia: "You have no idea of what kind of scoundrels these priests are: I have been extremely kind to them and they keep giving information to my enemies. ... The priests inspire (in a small prince) a deep veneration for priesthood, a sacred hatred against all other religions and finally, with the help of the terrors created by the devil, can bend him to their will."
Giuseppe Garibaldi: "A man who defiles himself with the contact of priests cannot be an honest person... The priest is the personification of deceit... Only in a state of madness or total ignorance can someone trust his soul to a descendent of Torquemada. ... The greatest enemy of Italy is the Pope... Jesus said, 'All men are brothers' and the priests have made nations into so many ferocious beasts who barbarously destroy each other."
Lord Harrington: "(The Jesuits' wickedness) eclipses Caligula, Erostratus, Nero and Domitian."
Heine: "When they can no longer burn us at the stake, the priests come to ask us for alms."
Victor Hugo (member of the international committee for the erection of a monument to a famous intellectual tortured and killed by the Inquisition): "Giordano Bruno is a noble victim who died for the sake of knowledge; I salute his memory with a deep emotion." (Other members of the committee were Renan, Spencer, Swinburne, Castelar, Büchner, Hamerling, Nordmann, Lambros, Bonghi, Bovio, Carducci, Cavallotti, Mariani Minghetti, Rapisardi, Saffi, Spaventa, Villari, Zanardelli.
Francis Herring: "(The Jesuit's politics) is the essence of Satan's politics, the peak of human wickedness and cruelty."
Hitler: "For 1500 years the Church has been repeating that Jews are noxious. I also have the same opinion, and thus I believe I am greatly pleasing the Church."

Farinacci: "If we (Fascists) have espoused anti-semitism, it is due to the teachings of the Catholic Church all along its history."
Leopardi: "When Napoleon wanted to eliminate the dacoits from a neighborhood in Paris, he sent there jugglers and comedians to attract the general people to fill the streets. A few months before, the pope wanted to eliminate the dacoits from the city of Sonnino, a place within his state on the border of Naples, where they had been hiding. So the pope ordered the complete destruction of that city. Napoleon's plan was a success, while the pope considered that the same result could be obtained only by total destruction of his own city."
Alessandro Manzoni: "The Church has always been the mother of all superstitions."
Giuseppe Mazzini: "One day in 17th century in Italy, in Rome, men who called themselves inquisitors, and claimed to have science and authority from God, assembled to decree that the Earth does not move. In front of them, they had a prisoner, his forehead shining with genius... who had revealed the secret of a world. That man was Galileo."
Milton: "How can there be a devil if God is omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent?"
Montesquieu: "Rome is openly dominated by corruption, and crime rules shamelessly."
Carlo Monticelli: "The power of the popes has been a terrible disaster for mankind, that still remains and will remain until the day when progress and science will uproot the last traces of prejudice and ignorance from the soul and the brain of men."
Morello: "If Italy could give a monetary value to all the damages caused by the popes in the centuries by calling foreign invasions, by wars, persecution and destructions of all kinds, an army of accountants would not be sufficient to calculate it."
Mussolini: "The Vatican is the cancer that devours the life of our country."
Napoleon: "I am surrounded by priests who repeat that their kingdom is not in this world, and who appropriate everything they can lay hands on... The popes have committed too  many stupid actions to be considered infallible... Dogmas are the bastion of stupid and fanatic people... Italy started to decline when priests wanted to govern finance, police and army."
Nietzsche: "The sacred history should rather be called bloody history."
Pettinato: "At the end of the 3rd century Commodian, the father of Christian poetry, was already pleading with the Goths to destroy Rome, so that the city proud of her eternity could cry eternally."
Popper: "In the name of tolerance, we should proclaim the right not to tolerate the intolerant – those who steal, kidnap or sell slaves."
Ezra Pound: "There is no greater criminal than the archbishop of Canterbury who, among the destitute in the slums of London, preaches, 'go and multiply'."
Saint Simon: "The base ignorance of the priests, their fanatical sentiments destroyed the noble morals and right knowledge of the famous Port Royal. Through people tied to the popes with an abject submission they gave the absolute merit to useless, ridiculous and narrow minded practices they imposed on the students entrusted to them."
Gaetano Salvemini: "I will dedicate up to the last minute of my life to fighting against the Catholic Church, if I am able to educate even one single Italian to see the Catholic Church as the systematic destroyer of human dignity, my life will not be in vain."
Luigi Settembrini: "National unity, freedom, emancipation of reason from faith, this is the substance of our civilization, everything else is barbarous power. The great enemy is the priest, we can't make peace with him."
Shelley: "Rome seems a city of dead people, or at least in the enthusiasm for her ancient greatness one does not notice the Romans."
David Strauss: "Even if Jesus existed, the gospels were not written before the 2nd century."
Tocqueville: "Some profess the Christian dogmas because they believe them, others because they are afraid they will be suspected of not believing them... A Catholic's consciousness only depends on the pope... his only motherland is the Church, in all political events he only sees what can profit or damage the Church. As long as the Church is free and prospers, what does he care about the rest... Such sentiments and ideas in people who educate children and costumes will naturally destroy the soul of a nation."